About Us

We moved to Bozeman Montana over 3 years ago from Boise Idaho. My son was living here at the time, and we came to visit him often. We fell in love with Montana and decided to make it our home.

I like to talk about the difference between the two places like this… in Boise, you have access to the outdoors. In Bozeman, you live in the outdoors. 

We started Montana T-shirts as a way to share what we love so much about living in the Treasure State. It’s about sharing the spirit of the animals, the energy of the mountains, and the beauty of the rivers. 

When you put on one of our designs, you'll instantly be connected with the wildlife and vast wilderness that is the last great place… Montana.

Our logo is an image of the Western Bison.

These are the Bison you see when you visit Yellowstone National Park. Some refer to them as Buffalo, but the two animals are very different. Bison can be identified by the large hump on their back. Buffalo do not have this hump. Also, the Bison head is massive, and they sport a very stylish beard.

We chose the Bison for our shop’s image because it is a natural spirit animal. The Bison represents abundance and stamina. They live in large herds and therefore are a primary source of food and sustenance for various predators, such as the wolf… and scavengers, such as birds and small animals like the coyote.

At one time in this country, there were more than 60 million Bison roaming the western states. As the white man migrated across the west, millions of Bison were slaughtered for their hides. It is estimated that approximately 30,000 Bison live in public and private herds in North America today. 

Bison are strongly connected to Mother Earth. They live off the land, but do not destroy it, unlike other grazing animals such as cattle, sheep, elk, and deer. The Bison work in perfect harmony with their natural surroundings.

The Bison were critical to the survival of Native American Indians. They relied on the Bison for food, shelter, clothing, tools, and weapons. But more importantly, the Bison showed the indigenous people of America how to live… in harmony with nature.

There is a large herd of Bison that live about 15 minutes from our home in Bozeman. We visit them often on a dirt road that snakes through the grasslands that they call home. From the safety of our van, we’re able to watch them from a distance and feel their spirit. 

If you have the chance, come visit Montana and connect with all that Mother Earth has to offer. It is good medicine for your soul.